Living Well Dying Well

Why, do we prepare so well for birth, yet give so little attention to preparing for death?

We encourage reflection on how to live life fully, while planning and preparing for the end of life. Our courses, training, conversations and services help people think about it, talk about it and plan for it, in a safe and supportive way.

“Walk alongside me, love me, create peaceful surroundings for me, comfort me, pray, laugh and cry with me, sing to me, read my favourite poems.  But please remember, I am not a ‘patient’, I am me.”

In the UK, we are pioneering the role of a Doula, as a companion and mentor, in support of the whole family, before, during and after this important life event.

We also run training seminars for therapists and health practitioners, to build skills and support them to find ways of feeling more comfortable around death in their professional life.

Our overriding wish is to encourage an approach to dying that is humane, respectful, and honouring of an individual’s identity and sense of self. We encourage an environment of loving support, kindness, respect and dignity, whether at home, in a nursing home or hospital, to increase the confidence and capacity of family carers to look after their dying. We recognise and nourish the abilities that already exist within people and communities to act compassionately towards each other.

Living Well Dying Well is a registered Charity (number 1142233) based in Lewes, East Sussex.

A thought provoking TED talk video by Dr Peter Saul discussing the changing face of death in the 21st Century, and how medical advancements have created new ethical dilemmas. He suggests if we talk and plan, we can influence how we die.