Our Mutual Support Circle

We have many different ways of thinking of others and remembering them when they are having a difficult time: “I’m thinking of you” ~ “I’m sending you love” ~ “I’m praying for you” ~ “I’m holding you in my heart” ~ “I’ll light a candle for you”.

This is a very human response which may or may not have a religious or spiritual context. It can be enormously comforting for us to participate in this way, if we feel helpless or live at a distance. And for anyone who is dying, suffering or facing the loss of someone they love, it can be very nurturing to be remembered in this way.

We hold a quiet space every day at 8am and 6pm (UK time) at the beginning and end of our working day. We remember the families we support, those we have known who have died and are on that mysterious journey into death, as well as those requests for inner support, remembrance and prayers that we receive from you.

If you would like to become part of our circle of support for others, please contact us using the form below.

If you would like to ask the circle to keep you or a loved one in mind, say a prayer, send healing or hold you in lightness please contact us here.


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