Teresa-Aly HugsWe love the idea of people joining in with the development of Living Well Dying Well (LWDW), even at a distance, through becoming a Friend. There are different ways of doing that: through donating money or time; or sending love and inner support; talking about death and dying or LWDW to your friends, families, neighbours, linking familes through What Matters Now or joining the support circle, both below. It all creates participation and helps us to fulfil our aim of lightening people’s experience of life and death.

One Friend who joins in by donating monthly, said recently:

“I love what you are all doing at Living Well Dying Well and I might need a Doula one day. I can’t do what you do, but I can give you some money to help you do it!”

Friends’ donations have a huge impact. In the last year they have been allocated to help families receive Doula support, and been added to the Bursary Fund to top up fees for Doulas who passionately want to train with us but are not able to fully fund the course themselves. If you would like to contribute in this way, or have friends who like to support good causes, please click here to go to our donate page

You may also want to participate, at no cost to yourself by nominating LWDW as your chosen project via  This is a brilliant way to raise funds when you shop on-line. It is very easy to sign up make sure you add the EF icon to your home page and it clicks straight through to EasyFundRaising when you want to shop on-line at most major retailers. In addition when you do a normal Google search, if any of their retailers stock an item, it will show up and let you know the percentage donation they offer.

Thank you!

Our Support Circle

We have many different ways of thinking of others and remembering them when they are having a difficult time. Find out more about Our Support Circle here

What Matters Now

What Matters Now
What Matters Now provides free websites to support you and your family and friends as you face life-changing illness together. In just a few minutes, you can create a free personal website for yourself or a loved one. Use it to share updates, guide meaningful conversations, receive messages of love and encouragement, and let people know how they can help. Learn more about how What Matters Now can support youand your family.