Diploma – Module 2

The Diploma - Module 2 is the second Module in the Living Well Dying Well Person-Centred Approach to Death and Dying Diploma. Module 2 consists of 8 sessions of approximately 3.5 hours, with 2 sessions held back to back for the first 4 sessions and the remaining 4 sessions being held in 3.5 hour slots hosted live on Zoom, which makes up the 2 day + 4 session format. Module 2 is only available to those who have completed the Diploma - Module 1 training.

Upcoming dates


Module 2 can be taken as a blended or fully online course.  Please check before you book as to which delivery format you are booking as blended courses cannot be taken fully online and fully online courses are not offered with any days face to face.

For blended courses the first 4 sessions will be held face to face over 2 days at the beginning of the module, and followed by 4 x 3.5 hour sessions online, hosted live on Zoom.  

For online courses the first 4 sessions will be held on two full days live on zoom, followed by 4 x 3.5 hour sessions online, hosted live on Zoom.

Themes covered include:

  • End of life person-centred practice
  • Complimentary and creative approaches

You will be expected to commit to all 8 sessions and failure to complete all sessions will result in needing to restart the module. 

Maximum of 12 people per training group


 This course is only available for learners who have completed our Foundation Training, submitted their progression assignment and have received their feedback and Progression Statement to confirm their progression to the diploma.  You must have also completed or currently be enrolled on the Diploma - Module 1 training.


You can read about booking, payments and cancellations here.

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