Need a Doula?

 Enhancing Your Experience

Doulas are specially trained companions who fill the gap between family and professional care. Their support allows people to feel more able to cope with death, dying and loss, whether at home, in a nursing home or hospital.

Doulas take a flexible approach and can:

  • talk through practical requirements
  • help think about wishes for the end of life
  • empower people to continue to engage with normal everyday life
  • give time to assist with attending to the small but meaningful day-to-day things that matter
  • draw upon and bring together the goodwill of friends and neighbours
  • act as a mentor and advocate for the person who is dying
  • support when complicated feelings arise
  • liaise with health professionals
  • help to create a safe, compassionate and accepting environment
  • explain what to expect
  • advise about available resources
  • create opportunities for sharing, rituals or prayers
  • continue to offer support to friends and family after the time of death

Doulas have been trained specifically to accompany people at the end of life and their family. All have enhanced DBS clearance, insurance and supervision of their practice

Costs are negotiated individually and length of involvement is entirely flexible and dependent upon need. Doulas who have completed Part II (a comprehensive 11-day training) are also available to volunteer in support of families.


What to do if you need support?

It’s important to have thorough conversations around all the relevant needs and issues, so that there is effective support for all concerned.

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