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How are we to face death?

In this Guardian article, Tim Lott writes that “I don’t believe in an afterlife but I do think that death is necessary, that it brings everything into focus.”    Photo by Vince Alongi

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It was a good death, the kind most people would choose

An article in The Guardian by Sophie Mackenzie on why her family backed her mother’s decision to stop eating and drinking when faced with terminal cancer. Doctors who have practised for a long time and seen many patients die at home describe as “taking to their bed” or “turning their face to the wall”. September […]

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Death is not a full stop

Death is not a full stop on the end of someone’s life – merely a hyphen Jimmy Savile will not be left in peace. Whether raking over dead coals is right is not the question. Who a person is, or was, is a dynamic process that, particularly in the case of real historical figures, never stops […]

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